Brow lift



Lifting del Sopracciglio Roma dott. Pierfranco Simone

Correction of brow descent

A brow lift is a procedure which seeks to relocate the brow upwards. A brow lift is typically performed to correct brow descent, which may create redundant skin around the upper eyelid. This can be an anatomical feature appearing from a young age or it may appear as a consequence of the ageing process.

It is possible to raise the brow – along its entire length or just the lateral portion – by excising a strip of skin from above the brow, a direct brow lift. This results in scarring along the upper border of the brow, which resembles a fine wrinkle after a few months. Alternatively, the tail of the brow may be stretched laterally – a temporal lift – by making an incision in the scalp, in the temple region. This procedure allows skin to be lifted laterally to the eye. The scar is virtually invisible – hidden in the hair.

The specific surgical techiniques are selected according to the nature of the required correction and the anatomical features, which vary as a result of age, skin and hairline.

A brow lift is usually performed under local anaesthesia with sedation (the anaesthesia is limited to the operation locality and a tranquilliser is administered). In this case, the patient is discharged in a matter of hours after surgery.

In selected cases, or when in combination with other surgeries, this procedure is performed under general anaesthesia (the patient is asleep), followed by a one-night stay in hospital.

Careful administration of pain-killers during and after the surgery ensures that post-operative pain and discomfort are kept to a minimum.